“Town and Country” (2021)

“Cambridge combines the history and society of High Street, the moneyed yachties of Long Wharf and powerful lawmakers who convene at the Hyatt with the rough-and-tumble farmers, waterman, hunters and trappers of South Dorchester County. Mix in the trendy fashion boutiques and the hip new brew pub and you’ll approximate the juxtaposition of cultures I’m trying to convey in ‘Town and Country.’ ” — Erick Sahler

Available July 2021

Limited edition of 16x20 13-color silkscreen prints to be determined. Also available in 8x10 Legacy Reproduction prints

5.5 x 7.25 image on 8x10 paper

12x16 image on 16x20 paper

Free-shipping on US orders

Maryland-made all-wood custom framing available