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— Jake and Emily Macklin for sharing a photo of their son, a doppelgänger for the boy in my “Offseason” prints. Most folks know the illustration is based on a 1972 Polaroid photo my mother shot of me on the beach at 53rd Street in Ocean City. The Macklins bought the “Offseason” print at M Squared in Rehoboth Beach, Del., because “the boy looks exactly like our son,” the dad wrote. After seeing their photo, I have to agree.

— Frank Roache and “The Postcardist” podcast. Frank conducted an incredible interview that covered all aspects of Erick Sahler Serigraphs. It goes exceedingly well until the 25th minute, when he asks me about “Magnificent Assateague.” Then things got silly. You can listen to the full interview here.

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This June Candleberry Gallery in St. Michaels, Md., is hosting a retrospective exhibit of my work that includes almost every silkscreen design I’ve ever printed. In addition, the show features many rarities never before offered, including No. 1 prints, Artist Proofs and Edition Varies.

Tracy Sahler photo

Candleberry Gallery, at 210 Talbot St. in St. Michaels, Md., is hosting an Erick Sahler retrospective in June.


A giant thank you to the selection committee of the National Folk Festival for extending an invitation to Erick Sahler Serigraphs to be one of its 30 featured artists when the event lands in Salisbury, Md., in September.

Since 1934, the National Folk Festival has been presented in 26 communities around the nation. It is sponsored by the National Council on the Traditional Arts and is the oldest, longest-running multicultural traditional arts celebration in the country.

The festival will take place Sept. 7-9 across downtown Salisbury. There will be seven stages — including a brand new riverfront amphitheater — featuring continuous music, as well as a dance pavilion, traditional crafts, regional food, storytelling, parades and folklife demonstrations.

Admission is free.

To learn more, go to

The National Folk Festival will be held in Salisbury, Md., Sept. 7-9.

“The Delmarva School of Art” by Dana Kester-McCabe features artists who have forged careers on the Delmarva Peninsula.


“The Delmarva School of Art” is a new book by Dana Kester-McCabe that features the works of nearly 50 artists living on or associated with the Delmarva Peninsula.

Included are a number of my heroes and friends, including painters Lois Engberg, Helene English, Patrick Henry, Lynne Lockhart, Nancy Orme Mysak, Fred Sprock and C. Keith Whitelock; illustrator Jim Adcock; glass artist Jason Giusti; carver Rich Smoker; and legendary photographer A. Aubrey Bodine.

About my work, Kester-McCabe writes, “Erick’s dedication to fine craftsmanship is rewarded with beautiful fine-art prints that evoke the laid-back lifestyle people love about our region with an optimistic quality and sense of humor.”

Kester-McCabe is an artist and journalist who produced “Delmarva Almanac” online and with Delmarva Public Radio, interviewing 112 artists over eight years. The softbound 102-page book was published by Salt Water Media. In addition to highlights culled from interviews, the book features more than 140 gorgeous full-color reproductions of the works of 47 artists.

The book costs $28. It is available through Salt Water Media and Amazon, as well as at local booksellers.


Two new Erick Sahler silkscreen editions, “Ward Museum” and “Oxford Strand,” will debut April 27.


Two new Erick Sahler Serigraphs silkscreen editions debuted April 27.

“Ward Museum” is an 11-color hand-pulled silkscreen edition celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Ward Museum of Wildfowl Art. Named for Eastern Shore carvers Steve and Lem Ward, the museum in Salisbury, Md., is home to the world’s largest collection of antique decoys. It was named by USA Today as “One of the Top 10 Places to Admire American Folk Art.”

I grew up around carvers and remember going to Ward shows at the old civic center. The Ward brothers brought so much to the table,” Sahler said. “They wrote poetry, they drew and painted, and they carved — setting the standard for decades to come. We as a community have done right by them to continue their legacy through the Ward Foundation. This illustration features Lem Ward’s 1965 ‘Show Goose,’ the symbol of the Ward Museum, in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

“Oxford Strand” is a 14-color hand-pulled silkscreen edition depicting two of the Maryland town’s most popular attractions: the Robert Morris Inn and the Strand.

“The Strand and the historic Robert Morris Inn are the most iconic landmarks in the idyllic Eastern Shore town of Oxford,” Sahler said. “James Michener wrote the outline for his 1978 best-selling novel ‘Chesapeake’ at the inn, one of the oldest in America. It’s also where I spent my wedding night, so it will always hold a special place in my heart.” 

Both prints are 16 x 20 inches and there are 105 prints in each edition. Prices are $105 unframed and $155 framed.


“Northbound,” the new Erick Sahler illustration celebrating the life of Harriet Tubman, has been hung on permanent display in the research library of the Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center in Church Creek, Md.

Tubman was an Eastern Shore native who escaped slavery at age 27, then made more than a dozen missions as a conductor on the Underground Railroad. In addition to leading 70 slaves to freedom, she aided John Brown in the raid on Harpers Ferry and was a U.S. spy during the Civil War. Later in life she campaigned for women’s suffrage.

Symbolism is abundant in the illustration.

In the foreground, a gate is slightly open, inviting the viewer to come through, to risk “escape.” Beyond the fence, a field stretches across a typical Eastern Shore landscape toward cover — a line of woods along the edge of a marsh. In the setting sun, a flock of geese flies low — one bird leading many, much like Tubman on the Underground Railroad. High in the sky, the North Star shines brightly, the lure of freedom across the Mason-Dixon Line.

“Escaping slavery required epic courage and monumental faith from Harriet Tubman. That she continued to risk her life to help others makes her one of our nation’s great heroines,” Sahler said.

Northbound is available in two sizes — 8x10 and 16x20 — both framed and unframed. Prices range from $35 to $135.

“Northbound” honors Eastern Shore abolitionist Harriet Tubman.


Tracy Sahler photo

A gallery talk was held as part of the opening reception the “Shore Traditions” exhibit at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge, Md.


Nine Erick Sahler prints celebrating life on Delmarva were featured in an April exhibit at the Dorchester Center for the Arts in Cambridge, Md.

The show, “Shore Traditions,” comprises photography by Graham Slaughter and Lee Goodwin, model Chesapeake Bay workboats by Ed Thieler, and serigraphs by Erick Sahler. A reception with gallery talk was held as part of the city’s Second Saturday arts celebration.

“It’s a real honor to show my art in such a magnificent space,” Sahler said.

The Dorchester Center for the Arts has redeveloped the historic 17,000-square-foot Nathan Building at 321 High Street in Cambridge. To learn more, go to


Two new silkscreen editions, “Miles Regatta” and “Chincoteague Lovebirds,”  debuted in late spring.


Two new Erick Sahler Serigraphs print editions debut in late spring.

“Chincoteague Lovebirds” is an eight-color hand-pulled silkscreen edition featuring the popular LOVE chairs in Robert Reed Park, surrounded by four pairs of courting seagulls. It debuted May 25 at Sundial Books in Chincoteague, Va.

“More than 80 ‘Loveworks’ have been constructed across Virginia as part of the commonwealth’s #standforlove campaign,” Sahler said. “In Chincoteague, the ‘Love Seats,’ a set of four 10-foot-high Adirondack chairs, have become an instant attraction — for friends and fowl alike. I like to think of them as ‘lovebirds.’ ”

“Miles Regatta” is an 11-color hand-pulled silkscreen edition saluting the historic log canoes that have raced for more than a century off St. Michaels, Md. It debuted June 1 at Candleberry Gallery in St. Michaels, Md.

“Log canoe races are synonymous with the Miles River and St. Michaels,” Sahler said. “Since 1885, sailors have competed, teetering on the edge of speed and control, for dozens of prestigious cups awarded annually by Eastern Shore yacht clubs. In this artwork, the Edmee S., built in the 1930s and one of the last 22 racing log canoes, sails to victory in 2017.” 

Both prints are 16 x 20 inches and there are 105 prints in each edition. Prices are $105 unframed and $155 framed.


Jake Macklin photo

Jake and Emily Macklin said they bought my “Offseason” print because “the boys looks exactly like our son.”

Chance Sahler


— Chance, our 8-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever who died in February. Since I started Erick Sahler Serigraphs Co. in 2011, Chance was a constant companion — in the studio, in the print shop, and all over the Eastern Shore as we made deliveries and explored to our hearts’ content. He was the most beautiful dog inside and out: sweet, gentle, loyal and loving. I miss him dearly.

— And you. For your continued support. Thank you.

All the best,

— “Eastern Shore Shorts,” a new collection of short stories set in towns across Delmarva, for featuring my Oxford illustration on the cover. The stories were written by Gail Priest and the book was published by Nancy Sakaduski of Cat & Mouse Press in Lewes, Del. It is available at specialty shops across the region and at Amazon.

— Eastern Shore First, the monthly tabloid covering the Virginia shore, for featuring Erick Sahler Serigraphs as its May cover story. Ted Shockley wrote wonderfully about our surprising success selling thousands of silkscreen prints at Sundial Books in Chincoteague. You can read the full story here.


The complete




Unless requested, No. 1 prints are usually set aside. I have donated more than a dozen to charity auctions, where winning bids reach more than $500.

Artist Proofs (A/P) are reserved for the use of the artist and are limited to 10 percent of the press run. We will offer a number of Artist Proofs for designs that have sold out.

Edition Varies (EV) are intentional variations created by the artist, usually by employing different colors, during the print run and limited to just of couple prints.

The show also marks the debut of my new St. Michaels print, “Miles Ragatta.”

A complete inventory of the artwork for sale is available here.

Candleberry Gallery is a co-op that features the work of more than 50 artists from across the Eastern Shore. It is located at 210 S. Talbot St. in historic St. Michaels. Call 410-745-2420.



We’re going to the show!

Erick Sahler’s “Miles Regatta” will be exhibited at Red Bull House of Art in Detroit during ICON10: The Illustrators Conference in July.

More than 700 illustrators converge every two years for ICON, which features four days of workshops, lectures, demonstrations and opportunities for artists and art directors to connect. This year’s sold-out conference will be held July 11-14 at the Westin Book Cadillac Hotel in downtown Detroit.

The ICON10 Gallery Show at the Red Bull House of Art in Eastern Market is a highly selective showcase of work by conference attendees.

“Red Bull House of Art and ICON is excited to have your work on display,” said Scott Bakal, the events coordinator. “We had an unprecedented amount of entries with nearly four times more people entering than in previous ICONs, which made selections much more difficult.”

“Miles Regatta” is an 11-color silkscreen edition of 105 prints by Erick Sahler. It debuted June 1 at Candleberry Gallery in St. Michaels, Md.

To learn more, go to