“OBAY” (2020)

“ ‘Trust and Old Bay ’cause there’s no other way’ is what us Methodists on the Eastern Shore grew up singing. Old Bay is the taste of the Chesapeake, and it flavors everything from our steamed crabs and shrimp to our potato chips and french fries. This four-color silkscreen print salutes the classic McCormick seasoning in a parody of Shepard Fairey’s iconic ‘Obey Giant’ design.” — Erick Sahler

Available September 2020

Limited edition of 9x12 four-color silkscreen prints to be determined.

Also available in 8x10 Legacy Reproduction prints

6x9 image on 9x12 paper

5.25 x 8 image on 8x10 paper

Free-shipping on US orders

Maryland-made all-wood custom framing available