Skipjack Dredge License Replica Plates

Our Skipjack Dredge License Replica Plates are full-size reproductions of Bay Dredging Licenses issued

by the Maryland Department of Chesapeake Bay Affairs to skipjacks harvesting oysters in the 1960s.

Each plate is screen-printed by the artist on 24x24-inch heavy-gauge aluminum and coated with a matte finish.

Below are the dredge license numbers of Eastern Shore skipjacks currently working the Chesapeake Bay.

Custom numbers are available by request. Please allow three weeks for delivery.

Ladie Katie

Cambridge, Md.


Deal Island, Md.

Rosie Parks

St. Michaels, Md.


Wenona, Md.

Rebecca T. Ruark

Tilghman Island, Md.

Ida May

Deal Island, Md.

Helen Virginia

Deal Island, Md.

Minnie V

Deal Island, Md.

Fannie L. Daugherty

Deal Island, Md.


In addition to our nine standard dredge license replicas, custom numbered signs are available for $185.

To request a custom numbered dredge license replica, please call 410-845-3774 or email

Carrie Samis photos

Our replica skipjack dredge licenses are the real deal. They are proudly mounted on the working skipjacks Kathryn and Minnie V of Deal Island, Md.