“In the world of Erick Sahler’s silkscreen serigraphs, Delmarva’s destinations and local cultural touchstones are elevated to the iconic with a signature style that’s 60 percent WPA travel poster, 30 percent Madison Avenue marketing pitch, and 10 percent native son nostalgia. The result is a larger-than-life celebration of the Chesapeake’s unique landscape and culture.”

— Kate Livie

Chesapeake Bay Magazine

“There’s nothing shy about his work: it’s bold, graphic and visually stunning, reflecting a background in graphic arts and a lifetime of observation. When I first saw his prints of landmark buildings in Oxford and log canoes in St. Michaels, I felt an attraction to his vision in the same way I’m attracted to Edward Hopper, who loved the clean look of sunlight on the side of a building.”

— Helen Chappell

Tidewater Times

“I am reminded of Matisse, who once said that for him art should be like a comfortable armchair in which to rest when we come home from a hard day’s work. I have a feeling that Erick’s fine-art silkscreen prints accomplish that goal for the viewer; all of them are uplifting, even if we are not from Maryland. Before we even recognize the subject, his images transfer us to a bright place full of sunshine.”

— Svetlana Rakic, Ph.D.

Art Department Chair, Franklin College

Franklin, Ind.

“Erick’s dedication to fine craftsmanship is rewarded with beautiful fine-art prints that evoke the laid-back lifestyle people love about our region with an optimistic quality and sense of humor.”

— Dana Kester-McCabe

The Delmarva School of Art

“In terms of visual representation of our area, you are up there with Aubrey Bodine and Scorchy Tawes.”

— Stephanie Fowler

Saltwater Media

Berlin, Md.

“Everone here loves your prints. I have heard so many staff people talking about how much they enjoy seeing them and what a difference they make. A lot of hospital folks need an uplifting moment in the course of a workday, so your art will have far-reaching effects!”

— Gwenn Garland

Peninsula Regional Medical Center

Salisbury, Md.

“Listening to Erick Sahler talk about the Eastern Shore, you just know he was born to be an artist. Artists see things in a way most people don’t, even looking at the same view. God bless them for that wonderful gift. They bring beauty to the world simply by showing it to us through their eyes.”

— Dave Parmalee

The Traveler’s Guide to Chincoteague

“Your art helps us to see our community differently, to peer into our everydayness and everyday places with a sense of gratitude and celebration. It’s a perfect example of how necessary and powerful art is for a healthy and hopeful community. So thank you for sharing your gift to further inspire the rest of us to revel in our lives and share our fond nostalgia with our children in the present.”

— Michele Ennis

Executive Director at Tri-Community Mediation

Salisbury, Md.

“I love Erick Sahler’s art. His subjects, his eye, his colors, his composition, his typeface, his words — all of it. I appreciate the details and the simplicity. He captures the Delmarva I love because he loves it too, deeply.”

— Carrie Samis

Princess Anne, Md.

“Erick is an incredible artist but he is also an incredible ‘giver.’ He just knows what images keep good feelings in the community.”

— Ann S. Coates

Bishop’s Stock Fine Arts and Crafts

Snow Hill, Md.

“I could think of no one better to convey the Eastern Shore. Erick’s work is phenomenal, and it was a pleasure working with him to create the cover for ‘Eastern Shore Shorts.’ ”

— Nancy Sakaduski

Cat & Mouse Press

Lewes, Del.

“I think you ooze Eastern Shore and have a hip expression of it with reverence for tradition.”

— Tim Sakemiller

former Salisbury City Councilman

Middletown, Md.

“Thank you for being HERE — to document important aspects of our community that bring pride.”

— Wendy Waller

Wicomico County Public Schools

Salisbury, Md.

“Erick Sahler’s work is one-part fine art, one-part comic genius, and all parts uniquely wonderful. Thank you for celebrating the best of the Eastern Shore with such wit.”

— Melissa Batie Johnson

Wicomico County Circuit Court

Salisbury, Md.

“You have become one of the best-known artists in our area. Your work is so accessible and is a celebration of life on the Eastern Shore. Several of your pieces are a part of our home and I enjoy looking at your creations every day.”

— Mike DeFiore

Arts and Crafts Chair, Better Living Show

Salisbury, Md.

“Great job of illuminating the maritime heritage of the Choptank River. The watermen, the towns, the boatyards and lighthouses too. Well done!”

— John Shannahan

Oxford Yacht Agency

Oxford, Md.

“I love your work. I am confident when I say you have become a master of your craft. Looking forward to future works.”

— Jim Adcock

Adcock Art Studio & Gallery

Snow Hill, Md.

“I've done print making. What you did with the colors and layers and mixing turns my brain into a pretzel when I look at your technique. Your technical skill is awesome.”

— Sean Seidell

Web designer at Sean Seidell Art + Science

Philadelphia, Pa.

“Our whole team at the office loves your work. We are some Eastern Shore-proud folks here.”

— Eric W. Johnston

InFocus Financial Advisors

Salisbury, Md.

“Everyone who received one of your Christmas cards felt compelled to write back to tell us how great they are! And the friend who got your notecards for her birthday was thrilled. She had never seen your work somehow. So thank you for your contribution to our Christmas/birthday greetings.”

— Pat Layton

Salisbury, Md.

“You continue to compete successfully with the only person you need to successfully compete with: Erick Sahler. You continue to surprise and delight us.”

— Rick Knight

Curator at Go Cat Go

Longmont, Colo.

“Salisbury’s Erick Sahler Serigraphs creates fun, vibrant hand-pulled silkscreen prints inspired by shore life from bridge to bay. Sporting a polished look through efficient design, his work uses streamlined color schemes to maximum effect, creating deceptively beautiful depth and elegant style. Be sure to check out his whole collection, some of the more humorous pieces are not to be missed.”

— Eastern Shore Art Fanatics via Facebook

Tracy Sahler photo

Made on Maryland's Eastern Shore   |   © Erick Sahler Serigraphs Co.